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Aether Adventure

Original | 2021-02-21 | Difficulty EASY


So I made this map in about 2013, 7 years ago. IT IS NOT A GOOD MAP, so what am I to do? Simple, put it on here with the intention that you'll LAUGH AT IT! IT IS TERRIBLE!

This was made in "collaboration" with RG19971 (yes, that one) with even better quality standards than Opposite Side, the greatest map of all time, until I uncovered the download for this ahead-of-it's-time map.


Dori me Interimo, adapare Dori me Ameno Ameno Latire Latiremo Dori me Ameno Omenare imperavi ameno Dimere, dimere matiro Matiremo Ameno Omenare imperavi emulari, ameno:

Original Creator: VoyVivika

Contributers: RG19971