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Jojo's Adventure 0.3.5

Original | 2021-05-07 | Difficulty NORMAL


"Go on an adventure!"

Those are the first words Jojo's uncle will say to him on his birthday! And he will go. On an adventure.

He will travel to places he's never been, discover dark secrets, and talk to unsettling people.

This map has a bit of what makes Zelda games so fun, but adds its own little twists on it.

There is dungeons of course, but fewer, bigger, and more intricate!

There is secrets of course, but they are on every corner, and they sometimes even lead to other secrets!

There is puzzle! But they could surprise you!

Beware and keep an eye out... for exploration is key!

Will Jojo manage to do what the king asked him to do? And why does the king trust Jojo for this?

Go with him and find out!

This version features : 2 dungeons, 3 main places, 6 hours or so of gameplay, and tons of side content.

Next version will feature : Mountsea, the capital, one big chunk in the main story, 6 additionnal hours of gameplay, and countless secrets!

Original Creator: Gouloudrouioul

Contributers: Gouloudrouioul