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Original | 2022-03-13 | Difficulty NORMAL


The map was not originally made by me i only recreated it since every download link has been taken down, it was made by Dennvo.

After a couple of weeks, i finally finished this map that probably 98% of the population doesn't even know that it existed, so hopefully the original creators of the map get more recognition for the work they've done.

Explore intense action! Solve difficult puzzles! Confront hideous creatures!

Try to get out with all of your limbs in the spencer mansion, but beware you are not alone, wolves, bats, slimes and zombies are out to get you.

Explore hidden areas and find survivors, who knows if they are friend or enemy?

Unlock various powerful weapons! Pistols and shotguns are on the menu!

And if you notice any problems, notify me in the comments, thanks!

Original Creator: Dennvo