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Kestrel Mansion - v1.02

Original | 2021-02-20 | Difficulty NORMAL


Welcome to Kestrel Mansion.

Why are you here? What drew you here?

Why are you tempted to enter this dank palace? There are many questions left unanswered as you are miles away from home in a mysterious, unknown forest far away from the nearest town. It's unclear who built this mansion or what houses it. As you have no way of escaping the forest, something draws you to enter the manor, but you aren't sure what "that" is supposed to be. Compelled by no other choice, you decide that adventure awaits you; you then decide to enter the centuries-old palace surrounding the unknown. Scavenge for what lies ahead of you as you solve your own mystery: "Why am I here?"'


You should play with sound and music turned on.

This will result in the best user experience especially since this game relies heavily on audio cues.


1.02 Changelog:

Original Creator: Jiquor