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Opposite Side

Original | 2021-03-10 | Difficulty NORMAL


An Openworld Action Adventure

5 years in development

previously released on 22.03.2020

Patch log:

-Fixed some Bugs

-Upgrade stations for Tools are reachable earlier now

-Raised Reward for certain secrets

-Raised Quest Rewards

-Added marker for Quest item location

-Added marker for collectable inside Sewers

-Reduced Respawn time from 42 seconds to 10 seconds

-Raised Max Health to 2000

-Quicker conversations

-Drowning is not instant death anymore, but instead quickly drains your life until 0

-Lava is not instant death anymore, but drains health really quick isntead

-Removed/shortened some unnecessary time consuming Story imputs

-Added debug item as a collectable and usable item

-halved the price for Life upgrades

-Hotkey for equipping Gasmask

-Changed 1 achievement

-Removed passage of taking damage when running

-First aid Kits can now be stacked

-Final Boss battle is easier

Original Creator: RG19971 aka Andridash